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Be Considerate!

Be Considerate!

By Praveen M Joshi

Perceive, Comprehend, Understand Truly & Know The Human Heart.

Be considerate! Have Consideration for the feelings of Your People — even when their thinking is not always sound.

Consider the case. If You need to proclaim a message of judgment against the People, choose to spare them, when they repent!

However, few other people may not be happy with others being spared.

Avoid becoming “hot with anger” .

Be patient with both the people, those favourable and those others that are unfavorable,too! Help them to adjust their thinking!

In time, some of them may get the point! And, those, who, got it, can, even, prove themselves, useful, to record, the account, for Your benefit.

Your dealings with Your people ought to assure them that You have empathy for Your people.

Assure your people in thoughts, words & deeds, that you are aware of the pain and suffering of each one of them.

Assure them, that, you, understand, their intimate thoughts, their deepest emotions, and their limitations.

And, assure them, that “You will not let them be tempted beyond what they can bear.”