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5G To Boost Healthcare Innovations

5G To Boost

Healthcare Innovations

By Praveen M Joshi

The introduction of 5G network in healthcare sector will enable more patients to be treated simultaneously.

5G helps healthcare providers in giving improved care to patients outside hospitals and clinics through high-quality real-time videos.

4G, cellular technology, enabled applications such as high definition TV on mobile and video conferencing could be possible.However, due to an increasing number of users sharing the available capacity, actual speed experiences are much lower.

Although, applicable in both situations—when the device is stationary and non-stationary, 4G would not be able to support the growing network of users that are bound to grow further.

Even the Internet Of Things (IoT) applications are bound to increase to such an extent that 5G New Radio (NR) will be inevitable.

5G New Radio (NR), the generation succeeding 4G, comes with a wider bandwidth to allow these devices to connect to the network.

5G enables the transmission of multiple data streams without much interference. 5G Speed is ten to a hundred times faster compared to the current standard. 5G’s ultra-low latency means that there is a reduction in time taken for data to travel from sender to receiver.

These features make 5G suitable for mission-critical healthcare applications that require high reliability.

5G enables fast download and upload speeds for quick and reliable transmission of massive files consisting of medical imagery generated by MRIs and other bandwidth-intensive imaging equipment to remote specialists. This also allows more patients to be treated in the same period.

5G networks can help providers in giving improved care to patients outside hospitals and clinics.

Real-time data is necessary to make quick decisions which require high speed and low latency.

Telemedicine appointments through high-quality real-time video allow healthcare professionals to collaborate with patients as well as each other with ease.

5G ambulances for paramedics are feasible that can stream real-time HD video support from remote specialists while transporting patients.

Preventive routine and post-operative care can be done by remotely monitoring patients through IoT devices like wearables and gathering necessary data related to medications and vital signs.

The use of futuristic and emerging technologies for better treatment is also possible with 5G.

5G enables the Study of the effects of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for hospice patients.

Artificial intelligence (AI) requires rapid learning in real-time from large amounts of datasets. 5G makes it possible to utilise AI tools anytime and anywhere.

5G services are yet to be rolled out in India.

Sectors benefiting from this 5G technology include energy and utilities (smart grids), medical (wearables), transportation (connected cars), retail and banking (remote ATMs), oil and gas (pump and pipeline monitoring, distribution monitoring), environment monitoring and agriculture (weather stations, natural disaster monitoring), safety and security, infrastructure and construction, telecom, and more.

The efficient use of energy also drives the development of sustainable cities.

Satellite and IoT operators will need a complete understanding of the different components utilised in IoT applications, including the integration of IoT dashboards in business infrastructure to offer end-to-end services.

Although a satellite has good bandwidth, many options come with larger equipment and higher battery usage than most terrestrial ones, which poses a challenge to large-scale adoption.

Also, advancements in communication satellites are slowly making it possible to provide a greater range for transmitting data to the cloud via a single robust network of satellites.

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Be Considerate!

Be Considerate!

By Praveen M Joshi

Perceive, Comprehend, Understand Truly & Know The Human Heart.

Be considerate! Have Consideration for the feelings of Your People — even when their thinking is not always sound.

Consider the case. If You need to proclaim a message of judgment against the People, choose to spare them, when they repent!

However, few other people may not be happy with others being spared.

Avoid becoming “hot with anger” .

Be patient with both the people, those favourable and those others that are unfavorable,too! Help them to adjust their thinking!

In time, some of them may get the point! And, those, who, got it, can, even, prove themselves, useful, to record, the account, for Your benefit.

Your dealings with Your people ought to assure them that You have empathy for Your people.

Assure your people in thoughts, words & deeds, that you are aware of the pain and suffering of each one of them.

Assure them, that, you, understand, their intimate thoughts, their deepest emotions, and their limitations.

And, assure them, that “You will not let them be tempted beyond what they can bear.”